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Based in Northwest Arkansas, the Prude Legacy Law Group, PLLC, is a non-traditional law firm redefining the way we practice law each and every day. At PLLG, we provide individualized representation to each of our clients to assist you in creating and securing a legacy for you and your family. Whether you want to get out debt, start a business, or prepare estate plan documents, our attorneys are ready to meet you where you are in all aspects to ensure every need is met.

As a virtual law firm, we are able to eliminate many of the costs associated with a traditional law firm and pass those savings on to our clients as reflected in our highly competitive rates. Our virtual practice system brings you better value by increasing our range and accessibility.QAW

Additionally, PLLG is one of the only firms in the state offering subscription-based legal services and 100% flat-fee billing options as a way to utilize “no surprise” billing practices.

Our firm is dedicated to the broad general practice of law, with special expertise in select areas, including bankruptcy, business law, and estate planning. If you need legal guidance or strategic solutions, our firm is ready.

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